Talks and Demonstrations


I am happy to speak to groups of all sizes. Over the years I’ve spoken to retired civil Service & Teachers Groups, a large number of Women’s Institutes, Towns women’s Guilds, Gardening groups, U3A Groups etc..

Many have memories of ‘wool’ or ‘knitting’ in their lives whether its family members knitting or perhaps sitting and holding the skeins of wool out so it could be wound into a ball ready for knitting etc. For this reason my talks have interest for everyone.

My main talk is called ‘Spinning a Yarn’ where I show how a skein of yarn is made & demonstrate the spinning process from ancient times to the modern day spinning wheel I bring along. The ‘Sleeping Beauty’ story is based in fact and I show where it comes from.

I have a second talk, which I call ‘After the Yarn’, where I give details & some of the history of working jumpers that were worn in the fishing trade before todays waterproofs.

Because of the importance of wool in a the seafaring trade, I was invited to put on several exhibitions on board the ‘CuttySark’ in London in the 1990’s as this ship holds the speed record between Australia & London when shipping wool, before it was a tea cutter.

I bring my hand spun yarns to both talks, along with a range of the lanolin skin care times.


I always demonstrate my spinning when attending any event as demonstrations hold the publics interest and enhance an event. If a demonstration of the most ancient method of spinning, called ‘Long Draw’ would be of interest at your event, please contact me.